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Cambridge Chamois Cream

About Us


What is Chamois Cream?

Chamois Cream is an anti-bacterial cream reducing friction that can arise between skin to skin and skin to clothing contact that can affect both those who are active and those who are naturally susceptible to chafing. Created with cyclists in mind, this cream is also ideal for sportspeople in general and provides comfort when exercising or just on the go.

About Cambridge Chamois Cream

Carefully formulated by Narynda herself (Owner & Founder of Narynda Skincare), this cream is made with the highest quality organic Beeswax and Cocoa Butter and Clay to form a silky yet protective layer on the skin easing the effects of chafing whilst still being breathable. With the anti-inflammatory and soothing essential oils of Tea Tree and organic Lavender, the cream is perfect for use on sensitive areas in need of TLC.

Our Story

Narynda began mixing, formulating and testing her homemade creams after she developed acute stress-induced dermatitis following a family upheaval. After keeping bees in her garden, reading that local honey could soothe her children's hayfever, Narynda began using the leftover beeswax from her honey harvest to make her own skincare product. Along with cocoa butter, shea butter and essential oils, Narynda created a deeply intense, healing cream that helped repair her skin naturally. Since then Narynda has formulated products for the face and body for both adults and children, focusing on healing sensitive skin. As such, many of our natural skincare products are fragrance-free. We proudly sell our products online through our own website, online retailers Lovelula and Not On The High Street, and local boutiques.

Narynda has also been a keen market trader for the last few years in Cambridge's Central Market. Having spent years refining and defining her comprehensive range of natural skincare for sensitive skin, Narynda has weaved a close network of loyal customers and trusty friends. 

The Cambridge Chamois Cream was born when Narynda started talking to fellow market stall holders selling cycling memorabilia and who were also keen cyclists. They asked whether Narynda would be interested in formulating a high quality, more effective Chamois Cream with the added bonus of being completely natural. Over months of trialling and testing the cream, the Narynda team landed on a Chamois Cream that delivered.