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Cambridge Chamois Cream

To Chammy or not to Chammy

To Chammy or not to Chammy

Why do I need to use Chamois Cream?

If it’s one place on our body that really needs nature’s best it is down there.

The bits that are worked hard and get sore whilst cycling requires extra care and attention. Experience has shown that all people suffer differently from chafing - for example, some may get chafing in the groin while others are inflicted with it even more intimately.

Cambridge Chamois Cream is a 100% natural anti-chafe cream and is therefore ideal for intimate or sensitive areas like the groin, thighs and around the genitals. We only use the purest, highest quality and sustainable ingredients giving you a product that is completely natural and extremely effective on all bodies. As such this cream is amazingly good for female cyclists – we ( female cyclists ) require slightly extra attention due to our different plumbing system and we’ve taken extra care to make sure our Cambridge Chamois Cream soothes the delicate albeit sore bits down there so you can keep riding without letting chafing get in the way of your performance.

What makes the perfect Chamois Cream?

We've formulated a  cream that harmoniously balances soothing, protection, hydration and anti-inflammation that allows you to cycle in comfort. It's perfectly formulated with Cocoa butter to moisturise, Beeswax to form a protective layer, Clay to absorb sweat, and essential oils of Lavender and Tea Tree to help prevent inflammation and infection. It's also made to a rich formula so you don’t need much, making it such a good value product.

Our ethos is integrity, honesty and sustainability that's why we refuse to make watery or synthetic products. If it's good enough to eat, it's not good enough to put on your skin. The perfect Chamois Cream has to be rich and natural just like nature’s abundance around us.

But don't just take our word for it, best way to experience it by trying
It for yourself.


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