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Cambridge Chamois Cream

A good Chamois Cream is the Bees Knees!

A good Chamois Cream is the Bees Knees!

It’s no secret that our Cambridge Chamois Cream is 100% natural. But did you know that the humble bee is what started our whole journey?

When our founder, Narynda, started making skincare products over 15 years ago she used all the ingredients she could find at her doorstep. Having become a beekeeper to soothe her family’s hayfever, she found she was always left with a lot of beeswax. Never one to waste a thing, she set out to use this beeswax along with butters and oils to make her first ever healing cream that cured her skin problems.

Our love of Beeswax

Fast forward to 2021 and Beeswax is still the star of the show and the pinnacle ingredient in our skincare products, including our Award-Winning Chamois Cream. We’re proud to say that not only is our anti-chafe cream locally made with sustainable ingredients, it’s also extremely effective at preventing chafing, soothing the skin and reducing inflammation. This hardworking yet gentle cream provides instant calm to burning, irritated and sore skin. It’s the rich concentration of beeswax that provides a natural barrier against the skin protecting it from irritation and locking in hydration, working in perfect synergy with the other healing ingredients in the formulation, including cocoa butter, coconut oil, lavender and tea tree.

The Beeswax Barrier

As you can guess we’re big fans of Beeswax - a product made entirely by a tiny honey bee to protect its freshly made honey in it’s perfectly structured, multiple hexagonal cells. It creates the wax by chewing on the sugars in honey that is then converted by its special wax glands in its abdomen. It’s nature’s way to put a completely natural lid on a cell of honey which would otherwise be prone to weather elements or go off if not sealed properly.

In our Chamois Cream the Beeswax provides a natural, breathable protective seal against the private areas where we tend to chafe when cycling (or any repetitive movement). These organs are just as delicate as the honey produced in a humble bee hive. There’s so much to like about Bees wax and marvel at the gifts of nature, from bees to butts!

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