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Cambridge Chamois Cream

Award-Winning Chamois Cream

100% Natural Anti-Chafe Cream

Perfect for everyone with an active lifestyle

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Cambridge Chamois Cream (100ml)
Cambridge Chamois Cream (100ml) Cambridge Chamois Cream (100ml) Cambridge Chamois Cream (100ml)

100% Natural Award-Winning Anti-Chafe Cream

Eases chafing & cools skin, for exercising or on the go.

An anti-bacterial breathable cream created to increase comfort during cycling, running or sport in general. Ideal for those generally susceptible to chafing, offering gentle yet high protection on even the most sensitive skin. Soothes irritated skin and helps prevent inflammation. Non-greasy and suitable for all genders & skin types.

Soil association & COSMOS approved.

Cycle with comfort & ease

We're confident that this is one of the most effective and long-lasting Chamois Creams on the market - it's super silky, breathable, and moisturising. As an anti-friction cream this product is also ideal for highly active people, athletes and those who just need an extra bit of comfort when out and about.

What's more, it's completely natural!

What people are saying about our cream

'When we suggested to Narynda that she make a Chamois Cream with all natural ingredients we had no idea if it was possible or what the result would be.

What she has produced is quite astonishing. A cream unlike any other I've tried before. Most creams are unpleasantly wet and greasy and that's what I expected from this, but Narynda's cream is the opposite. It felt a little thicker than most others I've tried and upon application seemed to instantly disappear rather than stay on the surface of the skin. I thought how is this going to work? But work it does! No unpleasant wet slipperiness or horrible tingling, just a smooth dry comfortable feeling with no friction or soreness. It's wonderful and the bonus is that unlike other creams you don't need to lather on huge quantities - being less wet, much smaller amounts are needed and a little does go a long way.

All this with 100% natural ingredients, no parabens and suitable for men and women. It's a winner!'

- David Mitchell, Co-Founder of Whoosh Cambridge - a cycling inspired collection



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Wonderful service. Ordered at about 16:30 Friday and arrived by post Saturday morning. Many thanks.

– David Goddard

In the past I have tried several creams as well as vaseline, but this Cambridge Chamois Cream is much better. It is less sticky and has a slightly cooling effect, but most important only a little is needed.

– Jeroen De Haas

Excellent product, will order again when required, does the job!!

– Nigel Reynolds

Very good chamois cream, used in a long bikepacking event with no problems

– Marco Delaurenti